About Us

About Us and Our Beginnings:

It all started back in the year 2000. A few Casita Travel Trailer owners decided to find a place in cyber-space to meet and share ideas. The idea for The Casita Club was “hatched” and created in order to do just that, allow Casita owners, perspective owners and any other interested parties to have a site to share their ideas, meet other owners and become part of something.

Our First Casita Club Forum

Our First Casita Club Forum

How to Join:

“How do you join?” is a question we get quite frequently. Well, the fact that this “Club” has decided to stay loose, with no required membership dues, or rules (other than being respectful of others and having fun) has kept it going strong now for close to 11 years. We have members from the USA, Canada and Japan. As well as readers from over 20 other countries around the world. Sure, there has been personality conflicts and misunderstandings, but all of this is the normal growing pains of any group of close-knit people. The reason this site exists is participation, without everyone joining in and being a part of the conversation this place would be nothing. So, it has come about that the only requirement to join The Casita Club is to post on The Casita Club Forums and be a part of the greatest RV Club on the net!!
When it comes down to it, we are all Casita Travel Trailer owners, just looking for a smooth road, wonderful scenery, good company and a fiberglass egg tracking perfectly behind our tow vehicle…