Casita Trailer Mods – Vendor Spotlight – RV Widget Works

As part of our new Casita Trailer Mods Category, we are also including “Spotlights” of those vendors, who are/were Casita Travel Trailer owners that developed useful modifications for other Casita Travel Trailer owners.  Our first Casita Travel Trailer Modifications – Vendor Spotlight – is on RV Widget Works.

Thermoformed iPhone Holder

Thermoformed Phone Holder

RV Widget Works is owned by former Casita Travel Trailer owner, Charlie Young (tractors1 on the Casita Club Forums) and began when Charlie (an engineer) retired and bought a Casita.  Mod fever struck, and experience with machine design, plastics, coupled with an empty workshop, which they combined with a $100 Craigslist oven and a big shop vacuum.  He got started trying to solve the fact that his wife was constantly losing her iPhone in their Casita Trailer.  He created a thermoformed phone holder so it had a safe place to live while charging and while playing music through the stereo USB port.

A full 95% of products the products made by RV Widget Works are customer-designed.  They include shelves, door/wall racks, trays, under-cabinet holders, stove toppers, refrigerator trays, and one-of-a-kind items that all mount with VHB tape. The other 5% is carried by retailers like Little House Customs.

Their vision statement is simple: DON’T DRILL HOLES!

Some of their other products include their shelf guards, which allow travel with your bottles safely contained. They are mounted with VHB and designed to allow drainage. Sold as a set for both large and small shelves.

Shelf Guards

Shelf Guards

Another item they make is their 12 inch radius sink tray, which is designed to mount around 1 paper towel roll in height, below the black nut at the bottom of the Casita Travel Trailer bathroom sink. It is designed to fit the 92 degree corner and mounts with VHB tape and of course, that means No Holes!

12 Inch Radius Under Sink Tray

12 Inch Radius Sink Tray

The last item we are listing (there are much more on their website and don’t forget the custom option), is the TV Brace.  The TV Brace is designed to fit the location where a table stand would be attached and eliminates smashing into your blinds by minimizing sway during travel. A sketch with dimensions to fit your television is all it takes and they will make it for you.  You just have to drill the holes to match your TV stand mounting holes.

As stated above, RV Widget Works has many other products available, as well as the option to have your idea made into a custom solution for your Casita.  The great thing about having owners develop these ideas, is that they know the same issues you face when you are out camping, or trying to pack your trailer.  You can contact Charlie through his RV Widget Works website, or on The Casita Club Forums (he is under the username tractors1).

—  EM