Casita Travel Trailer Modifications

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Modifying your Casita Travel Trailer is, for some, a necessity, while for others it is something they would never consider.  Some who fall within the group who wouldn’t consider modding their trailer, feel this way because it is a scary prospect to make changes to such a large investment.  However, there are many modifications members can make to their Casita trailers that seem daunting, but are actually quite easy once you see how they are done.  These modifications can be as simple as a door-stop to prevent your door from getting dented, to a more complicated modification like changing your seating and table arrangements.  There are even modifications that have been developed by Casita trailer owners who have turned their mods and installation into a small business.

A stained glass Casita window mod by Member Don, made by Ann C. at Little House Stained Glass.

A stained glass Casita window mod by Member Don, made by Ann C. from Little House Stained Glass.

The Casita Club used to have an area in our forums that included member’s modifications that they made on their trailers.  It included instructions and detailed images, as well as material lists and photos of the finished modification.  With the upgrade of the Casita Club website, we are now bringing back the modifications section as a category called “Casita Trailer Modifications” (found under the “Trailer Mods” link in the main menu).  We will be spotlighting a “Monthly Modification” from one of the Casita Club members.  We will make these tutorials as specific as possible, with links to websites where you can purchase the materials to complete the mod.  If you are someone who has done a lot of modifications to your Casita trailer and want to show folks how you completed yours, keep an eye on the forums as there will be chances for you to enter your mods in a monthly contest and giveaway!

Use it awhile and then decide what you think needs changed to fit your needs or work better.  –  Casita Club Member – Ken C.

For the new Casita Club members who have just picked up their new trailer, many folks recommend that you spend some time in your trailer before you decide which mods are right for you.  This is great advice, considering Casita Travel Trailers are well made by a manufacturer that does listen to its customers wants and needs.

Our love of the small fiberglass travel trailers and camping have inspired us to open an online store to provide trailer and generator owners and outdoor enthusiasts access to all of our unique inventions.  –

There are a few companies out there that have developed after-market products specifically for the Casita Travel Trailer, so their mods are either something you can order online and install yourself, or dropping by their shop to have the modifications made while you wait.  These products were born from Casita trailer owner’s own needs, then brought to market when the modification proved successful and popular.  We will include modifications from these companies, from the simple that you can do yourself, to those that you may need a more experienced installer.

Granite counter-top install by Member Huevo Movil.

Granite counter-top install by Member Huevo Movil.

A simple Google search of The Casita Club will return thousands of posts on Casita Travel Trailer modifications.  These posts show the progression of modifications on member’s trailers.  For example, one of the most popular mods was turning the large bed in the rear of the trailer into twin beds.  Just last year, Casita Enterprises released a new floor plan called the “Independence” that includes twin beds!  Another is the trailer hitch.  For too long, there was not a Casita Travel Trailer specific hitch with specs that met many owner’s needs and wants.  The folks over at Orbital Machine Works ( developed a trailer hitch specifically for the Casita Travel Trailer.  This hitch bolts directly to the frame, with no welding needed.  It was designed by a Casita owner who did not like the bouncing and flexing from the other after-market hitches that were available at the time.  This hitch and a few other items are now sold to Casita owners all over the country!

Please keep an eye out on the Casita Club Forums for announcements and keep checking back here on the front page for updates and our first mods!

—  Eric