Casita Travel Trailer Video Tutorials and Walk Through

“New owners go through a complete walk through at the Casita factory.  This is that walk through on video, broken up into segments.”

New Casita Travel Trailer owners know how the pick-up day normally plays out.  You arrive with lots of questions, especially if you are new to travel trailers and their in-and-outs.  Then, as they pull your brand new, beautiful trailer into view, you see a gentleman walking out with a look of experience and calm.  This is the man who will teach you everything you need to know about your new trailer.  He is the “guide” that has taught hundreds of new owners about their Casita Travel Trailer.

Casita-Travel-Trailer-walk-through-1I met this man two years ago.  I had made a trip to Texas in order to meet the fine folks at the Casita Enterprises and capture the new trailer experience on video.  I felt it was important to have the initial walk-through on video available to owners who may forgotten a snippet of information from their trailer delivery.  After-all, most owners wait for months to receive their trailers; so the day of delivery is a time of excited emotions and normally ends up being a blur.  It is only after you arrive at your first campsite, sometimes after dark, that you have to put everything you learn into motion to get your Casita parked, leveled, appliances on, water working (and hot) and unhitched from your tow vehicle.  It is at that time when you will probably forget something important.  It would be great if the information was at your finger-tips, with an actual Casita rep walking through how to use your trailer!  This was the reason the Casita factory folks were open to me coming and filming the process.

The Casita Club YouTube Channel will have all the videos available for viewing from ANY device.

Because most folks travel with only a smart phone, or a tablet, we have made the decision to put all the videos directly on our YouTube Channel (The Casita Club) for ease of viewing.  Each video will include a menu below it that shows what areas of the trailer that particular video covers.  We will eventually also have the videos here on The Casita Club website so members can access them without leaving the site.  Our hope is that the Casita Travel Trailer Video Tutorials and Walk Through information will be a resource for everyone!

Publish date of the videos is on or before September 1, 2015.