Monthly Casita Club Photo Contest Winners for 2015

For the folks that are wanting to see the winning pictures from our monthly Casita Club Photo Contest, I will be publishing the images within this post, updating it each year!  I will list the month(s) and the subject of the contest.  Below that, you will find the winning photo and a link to all the pictures from that month’s contest.

August 2015 Photo Contest – “Summer” – Winner:  Wimtnest
“Summer…Sunrise Over the Casita”
Summer…Sunrise over the casita through the blooming compass plants. Taken with iPhone6. Willow River State Park Wisconsin.


Summer…Sunrise Over the Casita – by: Wimtnest

June/July 2015 Photo Contest – “Your Best Panorama” – Winner:  Borderbrae
“East of Page, AZ”
Crescent moon is lighting up the butte, Milky Way above.

"East of Page, AZ" by: Borderbrae

“East of Page, AZ” by: Borderbrae

April/May 2015 Photo Contest – “Spring” – Winner:  Lynn & Cindy
“Bluebird Home”
This family of bluebirds return each spring to our property.  We always enjoy watching them.

"Bluebird Home" from Lynn & Cindy

“Bluebird Home” from Lynn & Cindy


March 2015 Photo Contest – “Winter” – Winner:  Arlon
“House Finch Picture Sums up Winter”
This house finch kind of summed it up. We had a stretch of really spring like weather then a few weeks ago someone left the freezer door open! 

House Finch Picture Sums up Winter from Arlon.

House Finch Picture Sums up Winter from Arlon.


February 2015 Photo Contest – “Love” – Winner:  Arlon
“I love a Casita…”

I Love a Casita... from Arlon.

I Love a Casita… from Arlon.