Popular Posts from The Casita Club Forums – July 2015

These are some of the most Popular Posts from The Casita Club Forums – July 2015

The Adventures Of Solomatt & His Mighty Patriot!

Well, folks… it’s official! I’ve been spending most of my time in my little (but mighty!) Patriot and many of you know that I decided to give up my 2-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica for a life on the road. As of a couple days ago, that lease officially ended and I am now heading full-force into this new life! I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to work as I travel and also have a little house in the desert that I will use from time to time when needed. I am doing sort of a video diary to document this experience and figured I’d share it with you all. I’m not a blogger or writer or anything like that, so these will mainly just be quick little snippets to keep my family, friends and acquaintances in the loop.

I’m looking forward to this new life and to sharing my journey with the fine folks in the Casita community! And, of course, any tips from you full-timers are greatly appreciated! Here’s the video from morning one!



Two Weeks On The Road, Couple Of Questions!

We have a 2013 17′ SD. I bought it a little too early into my retirement. Haven’t used it much. Still have the original propane. Does propane go bad?  This was pretty much our maiden voyage. I did a mod earlier and removed the original dinette table and replaced it  with a fold down model, worked great, so that helped with the legroom but I found the dinette to uncomfortable to sit at watching TV, ended up laying in bed.

1. I did a search for captain chairs but still any info would be appreciated.

2. We didn’t cook in the egg and we don’t have a stove cover. Found that a cover would be nice for counter space. Suggestions…

3. Do most people cook outside? We thought we may want to try that next time. What stove, grill, do people use?

4. Outdoor tables? Thoughts on the best tables

We found that the space in the trailer was an issue so we went to Wally World and bought some tubs for clothes and put them in the back of the pickup. The bed cover locks.

There are only two of us and fortunately we are both small in stature. I found that to be advantageous during my time on ships in the USN and USCG.


the mot

I’m Impressed With This Solar Set-Up

Stopped at the Walmart in Truth or Consequences, NM, for some supplies today.   I thought how nice, new shades to avoid parking in the blazing summer sun.  But these structures, eight of them covering the entire parking lot, are completely covered with solar panels.  An associate said they were just installed and are supposed to power the entire store, once they finish with testing.  Nice side benefit, shade in the 90 degree heat.


Does Any Carry A Firearm In Their Trailer When Traveling.

I am always slightly concerned about 2 & 4 legged critters when traveling and usually pack a small 22 rifle with me just in case. Anybody else go armed out into the wilderness??

(Editor’s Note:  We will have a follow-up article on carrying a firearm in your travel trailer when traveling.)