These are some of the most Popular Posts from The Casita Club Forums – August 2015

These are some of the most Popular Posts from The Casita Club Forums – August 2015

Worst Casita Mod Ever

Can you top this?  We were at a campground in the West talking mods with a fellow Casita owner, and I told him about the grey tank venting mod and fast drain mod which we  have been very happy with.  The husband said that he never has to dump as they do not use their black tank, and he put a pitcock fitting on the lower back corner of his grey tank.  He just opens it when they are towing and lets it drain where ever.  I was dumbfounded.  His wife said that she did not think it is legal, and my wife said that it definitely is not.  His response was: “If you do not get caught, it is not illegal.”

I am sure a couple of people could agree with him, but I know where our cycling friends stand.  They feel completely violated when an RV goes by draining their tanks and they get sprayed.  Pretty disgusting and very thoughtless.

Winter Plans? What Are Folks Thinking About?

We got 44° last night, and some places nearby got 36°. This is our “subtle” annual August reminder that Father Winter is stomping toward us in his mukluks.

So, what plans are being made for the winter? Southern climes beckoning anyone?

The dawgz and I are looking forward to another few months in the Southwest. There are SO many places we want to explore— and some we have already explored but just want to go back to “for ol’ times sake.”

The readiness is all, so saith the Bard!

Drill Holes In Frame

13′ Patriot. The main trailer frame in the area under the door. Would it be ill-advised for me to drill two 1/4″ holes in the flat, horizontal portion of the main trailer frame, about 1 foot apart?

Here’s Another Case Where ‘Situational Awareness’ Applies.


‘It can’t happen to me!’ is one of those famous-last-words lines. Some folks are afraid to appear paranoid. Being prepared is not paranoid, it’s just good sense. If he had had bear spray and was able to use it in time, this hiker might be alive today.