These are some of the most Popular Posts from The Casita Club Forums – September 2015

These are some of the most Popular Posts from The Casita Club Forums – September 2015

That Durned Dometic

We just returned from a week long trip to Oregon’s high desert.

The Dometic refrigerator in our 2011 SD has NEVER worked right. We’ve thrown parts at it until we’re broke and it still won’t work.

It works perfectly well on AC.

It works on propane ONLY when we’re actively driving and pulling the camper. Once we get into camp, set up the camper level, switch it to propane, the refrigerator will work for about half an hour and then the fault light comes on. It will attempt to restart, ticking for fifty or sixty clicks, and then fault out (stop) working again. After three times it will stop trying to restart altogether.

Sometimes it will work for a while until the propane furnace comes on, then it will stop and won’t work again.

We’ve had techs look at it. Dometic swore it was because we let the battery drop below 12 volts, something that has never, ever happened. Ever. An RV shop that shall remain nameless (unless you PM me and I’ll tell you the name of so you don’t waste your money on them)  replaced some parts (a thermocouple? a switch looking thing, and a circuit board for the furnace, which we later learned was totally NOT the problem). We think it might be the ‘spark’. When the fridge reaches desired temperature, it shuts off, and when the temp rises, it will try three times to restart and then just quit. For good.   (Click Here to Read More)

How To Clean The Carburator On Honda 2000 Generator

i have really enjoyed my honda 2000 generator but it is now starting to run a bit rough on eco mode. i’ve been told the carburator needs cleaning. has anyone done this? and after i do get it cleaned, what gas do you use to minimize the gunk accumulating in the future? thanks for any info, claire and merlin, excellent schnoodle.

Trailer Security Specifically Electric Hatch

I searched the forum but couldn’t find a specific answer to my question.   Is anyone else concerned about the door of our cable hatch?  It’s simply a thin piece of plastic with an unsecured sliding door and here in Florida we have a large tweaker problem as they will literally steal plastic hubcaps.   My paranoid mind thinks about that thick bundle of copper wire laying in our Casita’s unsecured along with whatever else you might have placed inside that compartment.

Sure I understand that if a thief wants something bad enough they will find a way to get it.  But this just seems like such an unnecessary flaw in securing your RV and I’m wondering what can be done about it or if anyone else has thought the same thing.   -Charlie

Food And Camping – Microwave Cooking

We 3800 miles and 3 weeks into a trip out west, I thought I would share some obeservation. We usually drive 300-400 miles, eat on the road, set up camp, cook on the grill or Cobb, and go out for a few evening meals. Out west is much different, fast food for breakfast is few and far between, we ended up eating more in the Casita than we had planned.

We ate a lot of precooked bacon, I place the bacon on 4 paper tows folded to fit our microwave with two on top to absorbe the grease. We carry small and large paper bowls. Cut a small amount of onion in a large paper bowel, stir two or three eggs well and microwave a couple of minutes. Stir, and microwave again. Add cheese and microwave again. Our favorite is Krusteaz frozen Belgian waffles topped with Dole fruit cups.

Do you guys have any meal ideals that don’t require washing dishes?

Mpg With A Toyota Tacoma ??

Wondering what others with similar set ups are getting ?  I have 2013 Tacoma access cab ,4wd tow package v-6 4.0

I looking at both a casita 17 sprite deluxe  and a escape 19  .  Thinking the casita will tow better and get better gas mileage.